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In today’s media orientated world, more and more people are finding it vital to talk to the media from a business perspective. Any manager or executive needs to be able to communicate clearly and concisely to the media, be it press, radio, or television.

In order to raise your company profile and protect its reputation, it is essential that you are able to give a professional media interview and if properly trained, your staff could also be credible and persuasive ambassadors for your business. Employees who are unaware of the media pitfalls could cause a crisis, and may damage your business image and profits.

These courses are tailor made to your needs and delegates. They can cover one, or several aspects of the media, and are delivered to match all levels of expertise, from the complete beginner to the experienced interviewee who needs fine tuning for a particular high profile interview. All courses are based on practical exercises which simulate real-life media situations.

  • Media Training
  • Crisis Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Persuasive Communication

“There is no such thing as a wrong question, only a wrong answer!” Ed Murrow