Persuasive Communication

This course will give you confidence and credibility in all encounters you may have in your day to day business life.  Whether gaining new customers, taking part in committee meetings, dealing with government officials, or passing on information to staff, you need to be able to communicate persuasively.   This is aimed at anyone who feels they need to improve their communication skills.


  • Su ingle 2
  • Key ingredients of good communication
  • Know your audience
  • Identifying key messages
  • Establishing credibility
  • Keeping control and dealing with awkward questions
  • Use of pictorial language
  • Avoiding negatives
  • Delivery
  • Body language

The day is run as a workshop with several recorded interactive exercises to give you the chance to practice your skills.  These are appraised by the tutor who will help you make the most of every communication opportunity by giving you the tips and tools to be able to understand the concerns of your audience, craft the relevant messages for them, and finally deliver these key points in a clear, concise and credible manner.