Media Training – Press and Radio

This course gives you an understanding of how journalists think, and provides the basic skills for handling print and radio interviews. It is aimed at anybody who has to engage with the media, and concentrates on press and radio.
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Media Training – Advanced Media

This course will train you to be an articulate spokesperson in a range of media situations. It is aimed at people who have some media skills, and now want to experience radio and television interviews in both studio and location settings. Read More

Presentation Skills

Whether you need to be more confident and credible in front of a live audience, or want to present pieces to camera for a DVD or podcast, this course will help you to deliver your messages in a memorable and professional way. Aimed at anyone who needs to gain more confidence for presenting to large or small audiences.
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Crisis Communication

The word crisis in Chinese is formed of two characters – danger and opportunity. When a crisis hits your organisation, which of these will be the outcome? This course looks at the possible crises which could occur and gives tips and tools on how to minimise damage by getting your communication right – both to staff and the outside world. It is essential for anyone in a management role.
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Persuasive Communication

This course will give you confidence and credibility in all encounters you may have in your day to day business life. Whether gaining new customers, taking part in committee meetings, dealing with government officials, or passing on information to staff, you need to be able to communicate persuasively. This is aimed at anyone who feels they need to improve their communication skills.
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